Sunday, June 12, 2005

Belief in God - attempted simplification

Belief in God is one of the most hardest things to write about but I have tried to sum it up in a few bullets.
Good Stuff About Belief
  1. Art
  2. Architecture
  3. Inspiration
Bad Stuff About Religion/Reasons for Atheism
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There is very little real evidence for the existence of God.

God is unnecessary, and therefore he doesn't exist.

The traditional arguments for the existence of God are not convincing.

The existence of evil shows that God cannot exist.

Science provides a better explanation for the nature of the universe than is provided by the existence of God.

The idea of God doesn't mean anything.

God is only a human invention, created by the way our minds work.

God is only a human invention, created by the way society works.

If a loving God existed he would give us proof.

I know this seems like I am favouring Athiest beliefs yet the reasons for Belief are much stronger despite the fact that there are less.
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